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Acnezine by Revitol: Acne Treatment Review

Acnezine by Revitol: Acne Treatment

Acnezine is a acne treatment system created by the well established skincare brand Revitol. The line Acnezine is Revitols chance to provide their incredible skincare knowledge into the world of treating blemishes and acne. Acnezine is a dual product system consisting of Acnezine

Supplement Capsules as well as Acnezine Acne Moisturising Cream.

The two products relied on the user to already be using a cleanser twice daily. Personally I use the Revitol Facial Cleanser which you can purchase by clicking here. If you would like to use anything else I will have recommendations of which cleanser you could be potentially using when partnering up with this product. These recommendations will all be availiable from amazon and simply require you to click on the item to explore it.

When trying this product I started of by cleansing my skin. Using the Revitol Facial Cleaner I washed my skin. I then exfoliated my skin. I personally always recommend clients to exfoliate, though it is not necessary it does really help with fighting blemishes. I have two exfoliators which I like to switch up sometimes for no real reason, but they both have done wonders for my skin. These are the Revitol Exfoliator which you can see more about if you click here. And also the Dermalogica Microfoliant which can also be explored when you click here.

After cleaning and exfoliating my skin I patted my skin dry with a nice, soft towel and used a muslin cloth. To see which towel I recommend for incredible skin without damaging it click here. To find out the muslin cloth we recommend to all our clients click here. Doing all this left a nice clean base for my Acnezine cream to work with. To purchase the Revitol Acnezine, which we thoroughly recommend, click here for the best price.

Amazon Acne Cleanser Recommendations

After my dinner meal, I would take the Capsule that came with the Acnezine product box. You are able to take it after every meal, but personally I like to take capsules after the meal closest to bedtime because it is when we are sleeping the capsules being absorbed in our body.

Overall, I would fully recommend this product to anyone suffering from any sort of acne. Whether it is as little as a few blackheads all the way to severe scarring, Acnezine by Revitol wiil definitely help. It is just another incredible product from revitol.

If you would like to purchase the product click here.


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