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Should Your Beauty Regime be Natural, Organic or Cruelty Free?

It is extremely important we fully understand exactly what we are putting on our body. The ingredients in the products we use and how they can affect our skin is something everyone should try their best to get around. It is for this reason people are resorting to using products which are Natural, Organic or Cruelty-Free. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this and if I was to decide to incorporate products which are natural, organic or cruelty-free, where would I start? Thankfully, you have landed on this article cause these are the questions that we will be answering in this article.

What do these terms mean?

Natural: Natrual Products are items, which include ingridents that are outsourced from the earth or sea. Natrual products are meant to be good for you, however some companies do manipulate the natrual ingreidents in products, making them not so natrual. The reason they can do this is because there are no guidelines for when companies or manufacturers say they have a natural product.

Organic: Organic Products are products containing naturally outsourced ingredients, however this type of product contain ingredients that follow regulations and guidelines. Natural products are still allowed to contain chemicals such as SLS or Parabens. These products are governed and certified by private certification companies.

Cruelty Free: Cruelty Free products are products that have the absence of any animal use during the manufacturing or testing period before the official release of the product. Most big companies aren't cruelty free as this is the cheapest way to test products, boosting profit margins however many smaller companies are cruelty free to provide them with a unique selling point. Cruelty free products are for people such as vegans or people who are against any sort of animal abuse.

Product Recommendations

Sukin Detoxifying Clay Masque

Sukin Super Green Detoxifying Clay Masque Mask

UK: £12.54 / US: $23.64

The 'Sukin Super Green Detoxifying Clay Masque Mask' is mask which contains clay and plant power, which has the ability to clean, freshen and moisturise skin. The product is packed with plant extracts and contain kale, spirulina and parsley to boost the health of the users skin from the outside. The mask boosts your skins health properties naturally and nourishes it using vitamins from the ingredients. Your skin is moisturised thanks to the use of avocado and baobab, while the extract of goji berries provides your skin with a more balanced.

To Purchase the recommended 'Sukin Super Green Detoxifying Clay Masque Mask' click below.

Organic Pharmacy Peppermint Facial Cleanser

The Organic Pharmacy Peppermint Facial Cleanser

UK: £32.95 / US: $67.00

The 'Organic Pharmacy Peppermint Facial Cleanser' is a organic product which is a gentle antibacterial face wash which is suitable for men, women, teens and youth skin. The product contains Marigold and Algin to cleanse the skin. It contains Tea Tree and Ecualpytus to help kill and diminish bacteria. And is also contains Aloe Vera and Peppermint, which healthfully moisturises the skin, balancing the pH effectively. The product helps to keep blemishes at bay and skin clean and clear. This product is for everyone, no matter what skin type.

To Purchase the recommended 'Organic Pharmacy Peppermint Facial Cleanser' click below.

RawGaia Organic Hemp Glow Mist

RawGaia Organic Hemp Glow Mist

UK: £20.41 / US: $58.63

The 'RawGaia Organic Hemp Glow Mist' is mist that provides your skin with a radiant boost that your skin requires to look even more amazing. It can easily be incorporated into anyones beauty skincare routine, just apply to skin before your moisturiser. It is suitable for all skin types, even oily, combination and acne-prone skin types. It leaves the skin feeling fresh and nourished. It is cruelty free, vegan-freindly and contains essential oils as well as floral waters. All in all an incredible product.

To Purchase the recommended 'Organic Pharmacy Peppermint Facial Cleanser' click below.


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