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6 of the Best Beauty Buys: All Under £30

Here we have the best beauty purchases you can make in 2017. And guess what, they are all under £30, so if you do decide to purchase any products, 

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Revitol Oatmeal Exfoliator: Review

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What a sensational product. As well know its the exfoliators within our skin care routine which provides us with much more radiant, glowing and smoother skin as exfoliators helps to shed and remove dull and dead skin cells. And this product from Revitol does exactly that and it is

extremely good. 


The Body Shop: Vitamin C Range Thoughts & Review

The Body Shop 'Vitamin C' range is among the most popular ranges provided by The Body Shop third to the two best selling ranges of The 'Vitamin E' range and The 'Tea Tree Oil' Range. 

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